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Membership Applications

Make sure you sign pages 1 and 2. Keep page 3 for your records.

WMGC 2023 Application

Pay $25.00 membership fee online


Warner Mountain Gun Club Range Rules and Procedures       Like us on Facebook

The person who signs the application is the Member. There are no ‘family’ memberships. The club member is responsible for supervising all family members and guests when at the Range and ensuring that all rules are followed and must be present with them at all times.

Your membership card is proof of club membership, not your key. Keep your card with you while on the Range, you may be asked to show it. Do not lend your key to anyone. It must remain in your possession. $20.00 fee for replacement key.

All posted safety rules and commands must be followed completely. Consequences for violation of Club Rules may include loss of membership.

No alcohol/drugs are allowed on the property. No person under the influence of alcohol/drugs is permitted to handle firearms on the range.

Steel jacketed, steel-cored (green tip) or tracer ammo is strictly forbidden. ‘If in doubt, check it out’ on one of two magnets located on the range building.  Only approved targets are allowed on the range. NO GLASS, PLASTIC, OR GARBAGE. No shooting cinder blocks, rocks or destroying target frames. Clean up after yourself. Don’t leave targets or trash behind. Trash cans are provided for your use. Good Rule of Thumb…Leave a place cleaner than you found it.

Members are responsible for keeping the gate closed and locked when entering and/or exiting the range. Individuals that do not follow the club or range rules should be reported. Names, descriptions and/or vehicle license numbers are helpful. Any criminal violations, such as vandalism, occurring at the range should be reported to the Sheriff’s Office. See something… say something!

Emergency call 9-1-1. Non-emergency call Dispatch @ 541-947-2504. 

The Range will be closed to all shooting after 12:00 noon on days when the fire danger reaches “Red Flag” status.

Firearms are only to be loaded when pointed down range and the range is cleared for firing. Anytime anyone is down range all weapons must be unloaded, with actions open, and not handled until everyone has returned to the firing line.


Eye and ear protection are required, for everyone present, when any firing is in progress.

To go down range to check or post targets:

  1. Call a cease fire.
  2. All firearms must be unloaded and cleared.
  3. NO firearms handling during the cease fire.
  4. Everyone must stand behind the red line behind the benches.
  5. The line is then clear to go down range.
  6. Before firing resumes, check to see that everyone is back from down range

Monthly Business Meeting:  1st Wednesday of each month. 6:00 pm @ Indian Village back room

Members…Keep this page. It is for your reference. Do not send in with application.

If you choose to submit a paper application please send to
PO Box 65, Lakeview, OR 97630.

We will respond as soon as possible with your membership card and key.